Why Liberals are Always Winning

Lately, it seems no matter what Republicans do they are being beaten down by liberals. Republicans in my estimation, believe that to win they have to become more like a Democrat. The last 2 election cycles we have seen evidence of exactly that.

At the end of the day, however, the real reason they win is that they are better at what they do. Liberals are not ashamed at what they are for, and they play to win. They know it’s a war, and they don’t care if they need to bend the rules to win. Yes, you heard me right, I said they view it as a war. You can use Hillary Clinton’s own words in the Democrat debate.

She plainly said the NRA and the Republicans are her enemies. Not ISIS, not Russia, not North Korea, no she thinks we are the enemy. Isn’t there something genuinely wrong with someone, that when asked to name an enemy, they come up with other Americans as her answer? I could be wrong, but if you are going to be President, then you are the President for all of the people, not just the ones who think like you.

Democrats are not afraid to demonize, and literally destroy their opponents reputation, career, or both. They view it as an actual fight between good and evil. Because they view it this way, they are able to rationalize their own behavior in their own minds.

But this is an advantage, because nothing is out of bounds for them. In this way, it makes them incredibly effective at politics. They just push their ideas and ruin anybody who does not share their beliefs.

Republicans don’t seem to really get this concept. Donald Trump gets it though, and that is why he is on constant offense. Win or lose, Trump has opened the eyes I believe of many, and changed the way Republicans will approach politics from here on out.

A willingness to do anything that it takes to win, is not the only ingredient in their recipe of success, however.

Democrats understand this simple concept, which Republicans just can’t seem to grasp.

The other guys candidate is always worse then yours, period, no exceptions. Unity, even mock unity is paramount.

Republicans need to understand this rule and follow it. Hillary is a really flawed candidate. We know it, they know it, but when the dust settles everyone falls in line. Having a bunch of morals is great, but it means nothing if you keep losing. Reagan said your 80% friend is not your 20% enemy. Republicans, and Democrats alike love to invoke Reagan. Republicans would do good to listen to him. I wrote an entire article on this concept which is [HERE]

Finally, and this is an important one, they are more organized, and highly disciplined. Nobody goes rogue and pushes their own agenda. Everyone is on board. Why? Remember that evil good thing mentioned above?

If you haven’t visited the WikiLeaks website you really should. It only takes an hour or so of reading through some of these emails to understand how Democrats operate.

Everything is planned, nothing happens by mistake. Nothing happens, “Off the Cuff” They were sending weekly talking points to everyone in the chains, telling them what they should be saying with regard to every possible question they could be asked.

Don’t spend too much time reading these emails though. Spending too much time in the minds of Liberals might make you “Short Circuit” and you might find yourself not realizing that you are barking like a dog in public.

Summing it all up though…

Democrat Recipe for Destruction Success:

  1. Politics is a fight between good and evil.
  2. Republicans are evil, Democrats are good.
  3. The ends justifies the means.
  4. Nothing is out of bounds, even ruining your opponent.
  5. The other guy is always worse then your guy.
  6. Everyone sticks with the team, everybody falls in line.
  7. Organization and discipline is key.



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