When You Mess with the Bull…

When you mess with the bull you get the horns, and I wouldn’t want to be Hillary Clinton when the gate opens at tonight’s Rodeo. The Billy Bush festivities only succeeded in chucking the rulebook out the door on the topic of civility.

The fact that Trump’s own party is basically circling him like a pack of wild dog’s around an injured buffalo, actually helps him. These people never wanted to stand by him in the first place. Now that they are not, he can feel free to be himself. No reason to hold back, and make no mistake he has been holding back. Playing nice in the sandbox is what Trump has been doing since day one, but now the crutches are off. He played every game, and obeyed all the rules, yet still his party bucked him at every step why?

That ship has now sailed and Mr. Trump needs to take the gloves off without fear. He needs to explain to us who Hillary Clinton really is. Nothing out of bounds, and there is no statute of limitations on what truths are in play. If Liberals want to pull out banter from 11 years ago, then nothing should be left locked in the books of history, nothing!

The bottom line, is that the Republican morality police who think they control the Republican party are missing something. They might think they control this party, but guess what? You don’t we the people do, and we say this is Mr. Trump’s Republican party now. Either get on the train or get off, it’s your choice, your political funeral. When all of you who have joined the newly minted RMP get off your high horses, just remember one thing. People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. The only difference between Trump and you, is someone taped him. While you’re at it stop pretending to be god fearing, because your all frauds. God says anything can be forgiven, when the person repents. God is something most politicians wear like a hat, because they think it’s needed to be electable, so start being honest about it.

Stupid disclaimer for the weak minded, easily offended PC people:


I just know it’s talk, talk is nothing unless it’s backed by an action. You know like demeaning a 12-year-old rape victim, or trying to silence the rape victim of your husband by threatening her. Maybe I don’t know, or perhaps calling an intern a narcissistic looney toon, because your husband got caught messing around with her. Lying to the parents of people killed because of your bad judgement. Lying to the American people about how you allowed our secrets to become compromised, while your staff pleads the 5th and immunities are handed out like party favors at a child’s birthday party. Cutting a deal which allows Russia to control a quarter of America’s uranium, while calling foul at Trump for talking nice about Putin. Telling us you will protect us, while telling Wall Street you want open borders. Telling Wall Street that you have positions for public consumption, and your real positions which you keep secret.

I think you get the point..

I think I speak for many American’s when I say:

The cage is open now little Trump-birdie. Your free now, so spread your wings and fly away! Fly yourself right over to 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, and start making America great again!

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