What a Tangled Web

Once again we find ourselves in a familiar place. The big question is simple. Have we had enough? There is something very wrong with a person when their first instinct whenever they are wrong, or make a mistake is to lie.

It’s standard operating procedure at this point. First lie, then blame someone else, or blame someone else and then lie. The order of the chain of events might change, but the outcome is usually the same. Up until now it’s worked very well.

Many ignore it, and the media doesn’t have the moral compass to hold her accountable.

When you negotiate your entire life this way, you will eventually run into trouble. You can get away with things only for so long. People might cover for you in the beginning, but eventually grow tired of covering for your mistakes. In some cases taking responsibility for what you have done. In the case of the media, there comes a point where they can’t spin anymore. There comes a time when despite their best efforts, they have no choice but to do their job.

How does the saying go?

What a tangled web…

The problem with all of this? It becomes hard to keep your stories in check when the stories are not true. You forget how many individual lies you have told, and to whom. Eventually people compare notes, or you forget what lie you told this person and tell it to that person.

In the technological era that we now live, information is never really gone. Despite your best efforts such as hammers and professional data deletion tools, there is no easy button. There is no true delete key, no undo.

It might not be today, might not be tomorrow. Someday, somewhere and somehow, someone is going to find you out. Someone is going to dig up whatever lies you hide, and in today’s world, anyone with a computer can reach millions of people in minutes.

Hillary is trapped in the pit of lies.The pendulum is inching it’s way through that rope, which is on it’s last threads and about to break.

The other day we may have seen that final tread break, her house of cards may be in the process of falling in on her.

You can get away with Benghazi
You can get away with Hiding emails
You can get away with making our secrets vulnerable.
Get away with selling access to foreign government’s for personal gain while SOS.

But the lies are adding up…

There are no people left to take the fall for you.

Despite their best efforts the media can’t hide this lie, and they are caught having to do their job.

It’s allergies, heat exhaustion, it’s a cough, it’s pneumonia, and what will it be tomorrow?

This isn’t about a person’s health at all. It’s about their character, the fact that one person’s personal ambition is more important than an entire Nation’s well being.

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