Time to Drop the “Careless Act”

I believe that it’s time to drop the charade. Begin calling this what it is, criminal intent. The FBI interview/investigation summaries have been released. One thing is pretty clear. There is no way any intelligent person can, with a straight face, consider this to be a “Careless Act.”


  1. There were 3 servers total
  2. 2 tech people
  3. 3 different vendors
  4. Anyone with access to her basement
  5. 13 mobile devices, and 5 iPads

All of which could have contained this data. All of whom could have had access to this data. Did they all have security clearances?

Let’s simplify for the cheap seats.

At least 2 technicians, any person who worked for at least 3 different vendors, or anyone who might have had access to Clintons home, could have had access to this data. Up to 20 devices, and or servers had this potentially classified information on them, at any given point. At least one of these servers was not encrypted.

This is my opinion now, however, it comes from a place of experience since this is my livelihood.

This means that in my educated opinion:

Clinton exposed our potential secrets to possibly on the low end 10 people? Depending on how large the companies involved were, maybe hundreds? These are the people we know about. These are the potential good guys.

In the document it says that at least one of the servers was never encrypted. They know brute force attacks were attempted against her server (s). They just don’t know if anyone succeeded.

The question we should be asking ourselves? Who else had access to this data? Who else is sitting on this data in wait, hoping to blackmail the leader of the free world?

Now the FBI director said no case should be brought. He indicated, that typically a case is only brought when “Intent” can be proved.

Are you skeptical?

You don’t think this shows a systematic, intentional and premeditated attempt to keep this information away from the people?

Mind you, the entire thing was so mismanaged that it resulted in more people having access to it, not less.

Reality check:

  1. When someone hires a person to build and manage a server.
  2. Then hires a second person.
    (To migrate the data from one email server to another email server.)
  3. Then hires a vendor, who employs possibly multiple people.
    (To build yet a 3rd server, who migrates the email data to this third server.)
  4. Then lets them back up that data to some other vendors cloud.
    (Letting anyone at that vendor possibly having access to it.)
  5. Then allow a third vendor to monitor the server
    (Allowing anyone working for that vendor to possibly have access to the data.).  THIS IS ALL INTENTIONAL BEHAVIOR


Multiple reports from various places such as the NY Post, Fox news and others, indicate that on multiple occasions, Clinton claimed not remembering the answers to important bits of information.

Some of these bits included, not knowing what the portion markings on classified documents were, even though she was instructed on this and other topics. Not being involved in the decision to hire the tech Bryan Pagliano to install and maintain her server, even though she personally paid him for tech support at her home. Finally she claimed to not remember ever being trained on the retention of classified information, even though she signed an NDA on this very topic. There is reportedly over 30 instances like this, where she claimed amnesia for not remembering key information.

I watch movies, do you? Because it might just be me, but whenever the bad guy does something wrong the lawyer always tells them.

 You don’t know nothin’, you aint seen nothing, and you didn’t do nothing, capish?

Bottom line, people who are innocent don’t forget this type of information.

But ok maybe you’re not there yet..

How about we add the fact that she was offered government email, but declined to use it. How about that only her aids used her government email? Not to send or receive messages, but only for the purpose of managing her calendar.

It’s reasonable to infer the reason for this is because she couldn’t control the government system. She didn’t want any of her secrets, whatever they might be, on a system she didn’t 100% control. She is hiding something from you, from me, and from our Country.

Still don’t think she is hiding something intentionally?

Clinton frequently switched out devices during this time. (Remember, 13 devices) When a device broke or was replaced the old device according to aids, “went missing”

Still on the fence

How about the fact that her IT guy (Cooper) stated on at least 2 occasions, he destroyed her old blackberries by smashing them with a hammer?

I don’t know about you, but innocent people don’t destroy their mobile devices with a hammer. Anyone who would do that must have something to hide, period. If this wasn’t real life, I would think this was an episode of The Sopranos.

In conclusion:

This article is just touching the surface. As an American, you owe it to yourself to read the report yourself. Don’t have the time, or don’t want to read the whole thing? NO problem, because I linked the report below. I nicely listed the finer parts, and what page that information appears on. Take the time, it’s only a couple pages, READ IT, and make sure Clinton never gets close to our White House EVER…




FBI Report Document 1

PG4 – Server 1 “Apple Server”
PG4 – Apple Server repurposed, for use as a personal workstation.
PG4 – Apple Server data transferred to an Imac for personal use as a workstation
PG4 – HDD from the old Apple Server was “discarded”
PG4 – Server 2 “The Pagliano Server”
PG5 – Apple Server Sunset in lieu of an Exchange Server “The Pagliano Server”
PG6 – 3rd Server “The PRN Server”
PG6 – 3rd Server transition to a vendor hosted system. “PRN Server”
PG6 – PRN Server turned over to the FBI
PG7 – Backup to cloud.
PG7 – PRN server was never encrypted.
PG7 – SECNAP intrusion detection (Vendor monitored)
PG8 – 13 total mobile devices
PG9 – FBI requested the devices and 2 were acquired.
PG9 – Devices go missing and destroyed “Hammer”
PG9 – 5 possible ipads
PG10 – Offered state email but declined.
PG10 – 2 State accounts were associated with Clinton.
PG10 – 2 State accounts only accessed by aids never Clinton herself.
PG10 – 2 State accounts never used for sending email.
PG10 – 2 State accounts only used for calendar functions.
PG12 – Not allowed to have personal devices in State office but did so anyway.
PG12 – Asked to use mobil device in the SCIF but was denied.
PG12 – Traveled from her floor 7 to 8th floor to use mobil devices.
PG14 – Personal email/devices used overseas even though warned against it.
PG19 – NYT published article outlining use of private email server.
PG19 – Tech admits to having “Oh Sh1T” moment.
PG19 – Used BleachBit to wipe PST files on server.

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