Spare Me the Outrage!

Throughout the history of our Republic, power has been passed from one president to the next peacefully. This does not mean that it has been flawless every time. It likewise doesn’t mean that the outcome of an election has never been contested.

Democrats who are feigning mock outrage, seem to want to forget what happened in 2000. The inconvenient truth of the matter, is that the last person to contest an election was none other than one of their own, Al Gore.

To this day Democrats have never accepted the Supreme Court’s Decision, to stop the recounts in Florida and award the state to George Bush. Just about a week ago Al Gore while campaigning for Hillary Clinton lamented over this loss, maybe a better term would be he whined over it. Isn’t that right Mr. President?

Fact of the matter though, is that this is alright. We don’t always agree to an outcome. We don’t have to agree, but in the case of the 2000 Supreme Court decision, what we do have to do is live with it.

We shouldn’t be outraged by Trump not wanting to agree to the outcome of an election, which hasn’t even happened yet. Didn’t they already try that on him during his primary? How did that work out for him?

  • It’s not like there is no evidence of fraud being committed.
  • Ok but there’s no evidence of a bias media attempting to shift the election.
  • Well fine, there isn’t any evidence that the Democratic primary was rigged.
    •  Hmm, wait I am off on that too. I almost forgot about Debbie Wasserman being fired, over rigging the Primary against Bernie.
  • But seriously, there is absolutely no evidence that there are dead people still registered to vote. That one I am sure of.

You see where I am going with this? So dispense with the pre-fabricated outrage and get over yourselves Democrats, because we aren’t buying it anymore.

My parting thought is this:

Maybe just maybe, Democrats are against providing a FREE form of voter registration to ALL LEGAL citizens for a reason. They recognize it’s not in their best interest, to easily be able to stop and track fraud!

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