Sad To Be American

Today  the embarrassment and humiliation of Bernie Sanders is complete.  As a Republican I don’t want socialism but I actually feel bad, I feel sad.

Because we are now no better than any other 3rd world Country, where the elite can steal and fix elections.

Say what you want about the Republicans but they nominated the person who the people chose regardless of how many elites didn’t want him nominated.

Say what you want about Donald Trump but he let his opponent speak freely with no pre-determined strings attached.

Say what you want about Donald Trump but he gave the conservative wing of his party and Ted Cruz the acknowledgment that they, that he, earned during the primary by nominating Mike Pence as his running mate.

You can say what you want about how Trump treats his enemies but that is small potatoes compared to what Hillary and the democratic party did to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie should have had a fair chance, and if he was nominated we should have had the chance as Americans to beat Socialism at the ballot box. That chance was stolen from us and the democratic process was hijacked today and for that I am saddened..

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