3rd Party!… I Just Won’t Vote!

I had a recent conversation on Facebook with a friend. This conversation seems to be becoming more common. It goes something like this..

Person 1: I refuse to vote for Trump. I will write someone in or stay home!

Person 2: That’s a vote for Clinton and you would be wasting your vote!

So who is right?

History Check: One of the most successful, possibly the most successful third party runs in history was Theodore Roosevelt election of 1912. Roosevelt won 27.4% of the vote. (88 Electoral Votes)

Roosevelt came in second. Sounds good right? Not really, since Roosevelt was a Republican who ran third party. The party was called the “Bull Moose Party.”

Because of Roosevelt the incumbent Republican President William Taft was unseated and Democrat Woodrow Wilson won the election.

Now going into how bad this was for the Nation is an entire article in itself.

Quick Fact: Under Wilson “The Birth Of A Nation” became the first motion picture ever screened at the White House. This movie glorified the KKK, enough said.

The point I am trying to get across here is that no 3rd party candidate in history has ever won the election. The closest any 3rd party candidate has ever come to winning was second, and this was way back in 1912. The only thing a 3rd party candidate can really hope to do in my estimation is sway the election away from one candidate or another. However, they would sway the election in most cases away from the candidate that they most likely agree with more who’s ideology most likely is closest to theirs.

Get my point? If you don’t then let me throw another one out there for you to mull over. One most people will be more familiar with. Ralph Nader, the election of 2000. The election between George Bush and Al Gore. Nader took enough votes in Florida to throw the election into question.

At this point you get where I am coming from.

Now lets apply this same logic to the current elections. Before I do let’s consider this quote from Ronald Reagan.

The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.

So let’s compare:

  1. Clinton will appoint Justices which are liberal leaning. Not maybe but definitely. Ones which will vote down the second amendment if given the chance. Ones which would loosen the limits on abortion not tighten them if given the chance. Ones which will rule against most things that you as a Conservative Republican believe in. Donald Trump has already released a list of people he will choose. You can vet that out for yourself and decide what you think. Has Hillary?

  2. Clinton will attempt to push gun control, not maybe but definitely. She has indicated she would go around Congress to use executive orders to push her agenda. [ON GUN CONTROL] Trump is a concealed carry holder. Trump has been endorsed by the NRA. Trumps son is a huge gun advocate. Trump has never made any statements to my personal knowledge that would lead me to believe he would infringe on the Second Amendment.

  3. Clinton would not change anything with regards to securing the border, not maybe but definitely. To Democrats securing the border is synonymous with being oppressive and bigoted. Trump understands that it’s not racist, bigoted or otherwise to secure your border. Trump understands that a Country’s first defense against foreign threat is a secure border which allows us to know who is crossing our border and when.

  4. Clinton would not do what is in our Countries best interest when it comes to foreign policy, not maybe but definitely. Don’t believe me? What about Syria, Benghazi, Iran, ISIS? Trump might not always make the right decision. No leader does, but I know at least to my knowledge he would act with Americas interest as his number one priority. Hillary has repeatedly shown in my estimation that she only acts with her own best interest at heart. Don’t believe me? Explain the emails and the email server then.

  5. Clinton is dangerous to the security of our Country not maybe but definitely. Before she even takes office her email server, and the possibility it might have been compromised opens her up as the possible target of blackmail. That alone should make her unfit to be President. How scary is it that someone might have these emails and be sitting in wait to blackmail the sitting President of the United States? There is actually debate going on and people are suggesting Donald Trump should not get classified information. Really, and when did he ever endanger the security of this country? If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

  6. Clinton will destroy many industries such as the coal, and or fossil fuel industries. She believes that global warming is more serious then some of the items I mentioned above. She has stated that she would put a lot of coal miners out of business. Trump has given me no reason to believe he wouldn’t support an everything above approach to energy including approving the Keystone Pipeline [Trump on Keystone]

  7. Clinton will raise taxes not maybe but definitely. She as much as said it in her speech last night. She says she will raise them on the “The Rich.” Trump is going to lower taxes across the board and has released his plan for doing so. [TRUMP ON TAXES]

I can go on, but these are just a few things right off the top of my head. Any one of these things should be reason enough to know that you can’t just not vote. When you do vote it has to be either for Trump or Clinton. It’s a binary choice, period.

In closing, you notice I didn’t talk about social issues and this is for a good reason. I don’t think social issues matter much in the biggest picture.

I didn’t even go into the fact that Trump supports the Veterans and Police where Clinton in my opinion does not. (Something personal to me since I am a former Marine.)

Who can marry who, or who can use what bathroom isn’t a threat to our very existence. The issues I have gone through affect everyone. EVERYONE!

It doesn’t matter if your black, white, Hispanic, purple, or green. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Catholic, Jewish or any other religion. It doesn’t matter if you are gay, strait or otherwise.

An argument can be made that all of the items above directly affect everyone in America period, and to some extent the entire world.

So in conclusion this is why I feel you can’t not vote, you can’t vote 3rd party, and you can’t write someone in.

I confess I am a Republican so the second half of this article focuses on things that matter to me. If you are Democrat though you can make the exact opposite argument for voting Clinton, vice say writing in Bernie or not voting at all. That really was the major purpose of this story, so if you got that point and nothing else then I have been successful.

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